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1st Global Village meeting - Let's get talking!

Have you ever wondered what students from English / Polish programmes are like?

Have you ever wanted to say hi or ask anything but never knew how to start?

Let’s change it! Let’s get talking!

Global Village is a meeting project where you can do it.

Just come over, meet new people, start talking, have fun, and make friends!


What is Global Village?

It is a social event for students and by students from both (Polish & English) programmes where we:

- get together

- discover a different culture

- talk with interesting people

- learn about others and ourselves

- develop intercultural skills

- practice communication skills

- think out of the box


You can find us and join us at:

Teams, IG (@global_village_pums), FB profile (soon), FB group

Or contact us (Teams) Sylwia Wiśniewska & Karolina Sołtowska